5 things to consider when planning a country wedding

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  • Beautiful gardens at converted barn wedding venue

A country wedding can provide the perfect picturesque backdrop for getting married. Naturally, as with any wedding, there is a lot of planning involved in making the day just the way you want it to be. With that in mind, here are some extra things you should consider when planning a wedding in the country.

1. Prepare for the weather

Country weddings are always going to be magical, whatever the weather. Sun or rain, make sure that you’re prepared, and of course, check the weather forecast in the lead up to the wedding. If it looks set to be hot think about providing guests with fans, and in case of rain perhaps consider having a basket with emergency umbrellas for guests to help themselves to.

2. Think about the grounds

Rivervale Barn has beautiful gardens for you and your guests to explore. Follow the idyllic pathways and you will find tranquil spots and, tucked away, quiet places that are the perfect setting for some exquisite wedding photos.

The country wedding gardens at Rivervale Barn are stunning in every season, so don’t stray away from them just because your wedding might not be in the summer. In the cooler months when the grass may be wet, a popular idea is to provide female wedding guests with complimentary flip flops so that they can change out of their heels.

3. Tailor your entertainment to the space

When you’re planning a country wedding, make sure you know what time you need to wrap up the party and if need-be double check any sound ordinance rules in the area. If you have your wedding with us at Rivervale Barn, save the hassle and use our recommended suppliers for all your wedding entertainment - be that DJs, bands, or spectacular firework displays.

4. Design your menu for al fresco dining

Eating al fresco is the perfect match for any country wedding, but you won’t want to serve the same food as you might if you were eating indoors. Make sure that your menu suits the venue.

At Rivervale Barn you can enjoy canapés on our Mediterranean Courtyard or, for an evening meal, a firepit BBQ, hogroast, or street food fare. Bespoke touches such as these will make your wedding a truly memorable experience.

5. Don’t forget about the electrics

A major consideration for your wedding is electricity. While a building which hosts events will have ample plug sockets, some outdoor venues may require more thought. Think about the lighting both inside and outside your venue, electrical outlets for caterers and your entertainment, and sockets for your microphones during the wedding speeches. Fortunately, we’re fully prepared and equipped for all this at Rivervale Barn, so for couples getting married here, there’s nothing to stress about!

Images courtesy of Senior Mac Photography, Lynsey Grace Photography, Studio Rouge Photography and Leah Rhianne Photography

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